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Run with Catherina Programmes

"Her programmes are consistently rated 5-Stars by Students of all levels of ability and fitness..."

  • Frank Greally, Irish Athlete Magazine

"The ChiRunning programme, enhances the joy of running, and makes running a safe and effective lifelong programme for health, fitness, and well-being..."

  • Galway Advertiser

"A unique opportunity with Catherina Mckiernan, one of the world’s best ever cross country runners..."

Since her retirement from competitive running in 2004, Catherina McKiernan has devoted herself to teaching a new generation of runners.

As a Olympian Athlete with such an impressive international competitive record, Catherina is a sought-after fitness trainer and an expert on the mechanics of safe, injury-free running.

Catherina's new online video training programme is based on her popular Running Workshops and Running Classes, and is suitable for runners of all levels – even total beginners.

Catherine McKiernan Running Programme
What can this programme teach you?

Over the past 16 years I have shared my passion for running with people of all ability, teaching them to run more efficiently with less impact on their bodies.

My new online training program allows me to share my techniques with people around the country and indeed all over the world!

I've broken down the process in a way that is easy to understand and apply in your running right away without specialist equipment or a lot of time. If you can walk, i can teach you to run faster, longer and more comfortably in an enjoyable and relaxed manner, and at your own pace!

Catherina McKiernan demonstrates landing
We'll Start by Getting the Basics Right

We'll cover everything you need to know as a runner who aspires to run longer and stronger without injury.

My training modules will cover how to warm up, how to maintain good posture, how to land effectively, how to use gravity to lean into your running rhythm, how to propel yourself with your arms, and the ups and downs of hill running - broken down into 6 easy to understand modules.

Catherina McKiernan demonstrating running techniques
Staying Strong

My proven running techniques will enable you to stay strong and injury free, avoiding some of the common mistakes that could lead to debilitating injury and prevent you from running for a long time.

I'll also share some of my advice on preparing for races, relaxation techniques, stress management, sleep patterns and nutrition for a healthy life!

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About the Instructor:

Meet Catherina McKiernan

Irish Olympian, 4 time World Cross Country Silver Medallist, European Cross Country Champion, Winner of London, Berlin, and Amsterdam Marathons, and the current Irish Marathon record holder, Catherina McKiernan is regarded as one of the world’s best ever cross country runners.

Catherine McKiernan wins the London Marathon in 1998

Course Modules

View these video modules as often as you like! Everyone benefits from a refresher